Saturday, December 4, 2010

7-Up Cupcakes

Finally, the last week of the classes is here! So excited. But, we all know what comes after the last week of the classes, FINALS WEEK! With four final's that need to be taken, I need to be on my game. That's why I have to start studying now. Am I the only one that has trouble studying? It seems as if I always can find ways to distract myself for random reasons. Whether, I get up to walk around the house or go on....Facebook, I just can't seem to study. Maybe I should just lock up my laptop until I finish Finals Week. ha.

Back to what we're all here for, Food! 7-Up Cupcakes to be exact. I first heard about this type of cake years ago while watching the Food Network. I don't exactly remember how 7-Up Cake came about but I do remember Giada de Laurentiis being in the episode judging. The cake read on.

-I followed the recipe exactly, including beating the butter and sugar for 20 minutes. I personally thought that 20 min was a bit much but since there's no leavening, you have to. I would assume you can add baking powder to this recipe. Maybe 1 tsp?

Taste: A lemon flavored cake that is sweet but not overly sweet. The lemon glaze added just the right amount of lemon flavor and extra sweetness the the cupcakes.

Texture: The cake was actually moist and not as dense as I expected. However, there was something about the texture of the cupcakes that I didn't like. I don't exactly know what it is but I think it may have been because there was no leavening agents used besides the carbonation from the soda and creaming the butter and sugar. The texture was off to me. Maybe it's just me...

7-Up Cake (Makes 1 Bundt Cake)
Recipe Found Through
3/4 lb butter, softened
3 cups sugar
5 eggs
3 cups flour
2 tablespoons lemon extract
3/4 cup carbonated lemon-lime beverage

Lemon Glaze:
2/3 cup powdered sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Cream butter and sugar together for 20 minutes. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating after each addition. Next, add flour and lemon extract. Fold in 7-Up.

Pour cake batter into a well-greased 12-cup Bundt pan or tube pan. Bake at 325 degrees for 1 to 1 1/4 hours.

Make Lemon Glaze by mixing powdered sugar and lemon juice together. When cake is cooled, dribble with Lemon Glaze.

-Aaron John


  1. Very cool! Maybe I can use calamansi instead of lemon for the glaze when I make this! Thanks for the post!

  2. ive been wanting to try pepsi cake.. im glad i came across this! sounds way better than pepsi. haha

  3. HOLY YUM look at that dessert…

  4. Jun: Such a great idea!! You should try it and let me know how it goes! :)

    Hannah: Pepsi cake? I've never heard of that. Who knows, maybe it'll be the best cake ever! lol I did see a mountain dew cake though XD

    Elpi: Haha. Why thank you! :)

  5. Do you know if it would be ok to use some cake flour? I know cake flour will make a cake denser. Thanks!

  6. Sorry but how long did you bake the cupcakes for? It couldn't have been for an hour like in the recipe right?

  7. Speakingfromthetop: Sorry for the late reply!! But using cake flour should be fine!! Cake flour will make the cake flour lighter, not denser :)

    Anon: Oh yes! I forgot to put that. The cupcake version takes about 15-20 min. This recipe was originally for a bundt cake :]

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  9. Hey there Ajca--I am looking to do 7-UP cupcakes for my church event. I have always done my standard 7-UP cake--bundt style. You answered my question with the texture if I made them in cupcake form. And that is what I was hoping for in that it would remain 'pound-cake tight'. Though it is called a 'cake' and the baker might think this to be cakey and not pound-errrr...cakey---it came out for you just as it should. Why? It is Pound Cake. I personally do not like 'leavenings' in my pound cakes as true pound cakes does not require. Leavenings give the Pounds the texture of cornbread. Therefore if I want cornbread...I make cornbread. As far as the 20 minutes--I don't beat mine that long but it is the extensive time to cream and heavy beating that gives it rise. The results is a tight or errr dense, soft, buttery and creamy texture. Perfection. And who would have known...I grew-up detesting pound cakes as they were very boring to me. But ahhhh...age...and maturity---lol thank GOD for that. 7 UP 'Pooound Cakes' yes, has that carbonation for 'lift' if you will but still gives that result you're not fond of but I love. It's what makes 7UP Pouuunds the B.O.M.B! So thanks for your review of it----because that's exactly what I had been searching for. And hey! See you on Food Network. (originally removed/deleted to add more text)


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-Aaron John


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