Saturday, July 30, 2011

Triple X Rootbeer Drive-in

Another food review! Triple X Rootbeer Drive-in is exactly that, a Drive-in. They have a sort of 50's Diner atmosphere that's actually pretty cool. With all the memorabilia everywhere, it seems as if you were transported to a different era. My friends and I arrived around 7 pm and there was a pretty large amount of people. In addition, we decided to sit in their outdoor seating area because it was just so nice out. Yes, we get sun here in Seattle. ha

At first, we were all confused as to what to do. We went inside where they had a stack of menus that you take and return. We took them outside to decide what we wanted and ended up sitting there for a good 5 minutes wondering what we were supposed to do. Apparently, we were supposed to go up to the counter and order so that's what we did. The man behind the counter is the owner and was very welcoming and a fun guy to be around. He was nice and courteous which I really liked. I decided to get the Strawberry Lemonade and the 58 Impala which was basically a bacon cheeseburger.

After you give your order, the people behind the counter will call your name to get your food and the food comes out fast. Within a couple of minutes the Strawberry Lemonade was ready.

Can you believe that this was a small?! I couldn't either. I love how it was served in a frosted glass as well! However, it seemed as if they were more about quantity than quality. This Strawberry Lemonade was lack luster. Didn't have a tanginess from lemons at all. Essentially, it tasted like watered down lemonade with a few strawberries thrown in.

Next, my burger came out within another 2 minutes. This was another disappointment. It was bland as can be. Even the bacon couldn't save it and that says a lot. In addition, even though there was their "special sauce" on it, I couldn't taste anything from it. The only thing good was the fries, crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside, just like they should be.

Overall, I had my hopes up for this place. There was great people, great surroundings and a great atmosphere but I left disappointed with the food. 

My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Triple X Rootbeer Drive-in
98 Northeast Gilman Boulevard
Issaquah, WA 98027-2529
(425) 392-1266

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