Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Food Stop of 2011: Thai #1 & Pho Cafe

2011 has come and gone and 2012 is already upon us. My 2011 was highlighted with playing "catch up" with college classes, movies, new recipes, food outings, an Alki Beach Birthday, a San Diego adventure and so much more. I have to say, this was one of my favorite years by far. I can't wait for what food adventures and new recipes that are in store for 2012 but before we start 2012 with new items, we have to finish up 2011 right with the last food stop I had in 2011.

My last food stop of 2011 was to Thai #1 & Pho cafe. This place is a small and quaint, little restaurant that's somewhat hidden on the side of everything else. Obviously, it's a mixture between a Thai and Pho place that also has Japanese food. Identity crisis? I think so. But hey, as long as the food's good, it doesn't matter to me. Whatever floats your boat, go for it!

I decided to go on more of a Thai food route ordering one of my all time Thai food favorites, Chicken Pad See Ew. Pad See Ew is basically a noodle dish cooked w/ dark soy sauce. 

One of the first things that came out was this miso soup w/ tofu. Here is where we see the identity crisis. A Japanese soup served with a Thai dish? Well, as long as it's complementary w/ my dish and I don't have to pay for it, I'm game! It had the classic flavor of a miso soup and was pretty good. Not too salty either.

In literally five minutes or so, my Chicken Pad See Ew came out. I was actually impressed from the portion. A good amount of noodles and chicken, broccoli and carrots ratio. It was sweet, salty, spicy and garlic-y, just the way I like it. The veggies were still crisp as well which I liked. Was it the best Pad See Ew I've ever had, nope. But, it was still delicious and I would definitely order it again.

Overall, this place had pretty good food. Not to mention, it's very affordable. My dish was $6.95 w/ tax whereas the pho dishes were about $5.95 w/ tax. The food comes out quick and the service was decent. There wasn't much to complain about with this place.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Thai #1 & Pho Cafe
203 S 2nd St
(between N Taylor Ave & 89th St)
Renton, WA 98055
(425) 277-6909

-Aaron John


  1. I love Pad See Ew. It's sweet and savory. Yours look especially delicious.

  2. Happy New Year!
    I just found and loved your blog!
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  3. Girlie Blogger: It's so good isn't it?! This one was pretty delicious.

    Elpiniko: Happy New Year to you too! :) I'm glad you found my blog!! I'll check out your blog as well!

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  5. I like the chicken pad see ew too! As you said, it has a sweet, salty, spicy and garlic taste which makes it very unique. I already started by restaurant, beginning with Suffolk county catering halls.

  6. The food looks delicious but I am allergic to chicken. I guess there's no harm in trying once in a while. biltong

  7. The food served would be more delicious if the ambiance of the place reflects their menu. The restaurant must have commercial furniture that are Thai related, however I think they got quite confused when they served Japanese soup.

  8. That looks like a delicious food I wonder if Thai serve good wines like the best Australian wine. Probably they have their own taste that they distinctly promote.


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