Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Blog?

The answer is YES! I decided to create another blog to coincide with my other blog called AJ's Food Adventure. Anyways, I started cooking and baking about 6 or 7 years ago. I was always in awe watching my parents cook and it gave me the drive to do my own cooking and baking. It's definitely something that relieves me from stress and i can't imagine my life without my talents in the kitchen. Over the years, I've been testing recipes and making them my own, tweaking them just enough so that it pleases me and everyone around. In turn, that is exactly why I wanted to make another blog. The first focusing on, what I call, "food adventures" where I taste delicious foods from various restaurants and this blog will be used to share my recipe testing that I do. My main focus is to make a sweet or savory item from one of my own recipes that I have tweaked or try out a brand new recipe. This will be done each week, suggestions on food will be taken and ya'll get to see what I make! Whether I will share my own tweaked recipes is still up in the air. Maybe when I get famous then I'll share them :P However, I will definitely be posting the brand new recipes that I test out and give my opinions on it. So definitely suggest recipes you would want me to try and I hope you all will enjoy this brand new blog!! :D

Almost forgot, the blog name. So why is this blog called "AJCooks"? Well, it's all because of my great friend Michael Appelgate. I needed a name for this blog and I had no ideas. Michael Appelgate came up with this name. Basically, he played with my initials of "AJC "and came up with "AJCooks". So, thanks a bunch to Michael!!

I will have a my first post for this blog soon :)

**Update: The new name of this blog is now "AJ's Cooking Secrets"

-Aaron John
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  1. Hi, AJ! First off, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind commnent. Oh, thanks for subscribing. I can tell the cooking talent is innate. You're cooking/baking like a pro. Looking forward to more of your concoctions. Welcome to the food blogosphere, i have the feeling your blog will soar, good luck and good job=;)

    Pia a.k.a Taga_luto

  2. Hi AJ, just came across your website, like you, I am a foodie, with a love for cooking and baking (cupcakes are my passion). So, how about trying pina colada cupcakes (with malibu rum). I'd love to see how they come out?

    Happy cooking/baking!


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-Aaron John


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