Friday, September 17, 2010

Project Food Blog: "Ready, Set, Blog!"

Let the "Project Food Blog" Competition begin!! Today marks the first event in the competition hosted by FoodBuzz, "Ready, Set, Blog!": Why do you think you have what it takes to be the next food blog star? What makes your blog unique and sets you apart from other food blog brands?

Here I am today trying to persuade you that I'm the Next Food Blog Star,
Of course I'm going to say yes, is that so bizarre?
While thinking of what to post on my blog, it was pretty hard
Sort of like the hardening of arteries when you eat too much lard (hehe)
I wrote and wrote until I finished the post
After reading it over, it was like a simple piece of toast
It was something bland and boring
And it would have had you snoring
Then I decided to re-do the whole thing
To be creative and have something with a little "zing"
But what can I do to stand out from the crowd?
Make it rhyme of course, so you all will be "wowed"

Why am I the Next Food Blog Star, you ask?
Well, that right now, is my task
Cooking and Baking wasn't stereotypical for a 13 year old boy to do
Instead, it was cars and sports and them saying "That's for you!"
I, myself, knew that wasn't for me
I mean, I didn't want to end up sweaty, dirty and achy
So, I kept it a secret for nearly 6 years
Can you believe I was sort of living in fear?
When my talents were accepted the day they were unveiled
All I did was smile and exhale
I'm now 19 years old
I've now realized that my talents are gold
Now I have this blog where I can share all the food I make
Mostly sharing what I will bake
I'm at the point where I am proud of what I can do
Now, here are more reasons why I am the Next Food Blog Star too

Being in the kitchen is where I love to be
To Cook and Bake is where I am Me
I'm here to show you all what I can really make and do
To share my Filipino Culture with all of you
I mean, do you really want to read about Chocolate Cupcakes all day?
I want to show you something from my culture that makes you say "Hey!"
I'm here to inspire everyone, especially the youngsters out there
To never be afraid to cook, bake and be different for a talent that is rare
I'm here to show people to simply cook and bake with all your heart
To show you how to make your very first fruit tart
I'm here to show people that cooking and baking are not as hard as people say they are
In a way, it's as simple as opening a jar
With a little patience, tricks and tips
It can be as easy as eating salsa and chips
If I was able to cook and bake at 13 years old
Even you can be the star of your household
Of course there'll be mistakes along the way
But once you get it right, you'll be screaming "Hurray!"
I want to show you all the food I've made
So, here's a recap to use as an aid

A Chocolate Chip Cookie started it all

My Blueberry Scones were definitely a downfall

Sticky Buns that caused my mixer to break

A variety of different flavored Mini Cheesecakes

A Carrot Cake with a frosting of cream cheese

I even made cookies that tasted like "Cookies N' Cream"

Red Velvet Cupcakes for my birthday

Here's the rest of my creations up until today

I hope this competition will allow me to grow and improve
To the point where my blog really has a groove
The longer I stay in the competition, the more I will learn
Just think of me as being an intern
I hope reading this post was a blast
I hope you enjoyed the pictures from my blogging past
I guess that is all I have to say for now
I hope this is creative enough to make it past the first round
After all is said and done, I am now finished with the rhyme I made
I will now take a bow and let the lights fade

So Vote for me
From the dates of September 20 to 23
See, you thought I would stop my rhyming a paragraph ago
But I have got you fooled with my witty lingo
But for real, vote for me to become the winner of this contest
So I can be the pride and joy of the Northwest (?) :D

Please Vote For Me From September 20th-23rd!! :DD


  1. Great post, AJ! hope you make it to the finals! (:

  2. Haha, that was awesome! Great job :) :)

  3. Gosh, what an amazing post, you expressed your thoughts so well. You got my vote, way to go buddy!

  4. Hannah: Thank you!!

    Jess: Thanks!

    Nate: Thank you so much!!

    Thas: Thanks a bunch!! :DD

  5. Go rhyming! Jay Z would be proud.

  6. Great post. I like the creative approach. You got my vote ! =)

    good luck!

    check out my PFB post:

  7. Thankyou for visiting my blog & leaving a comment AJ:) have a nice space here and good luck with PFB :)...

  8. hi, congrats .... you got my vote

  9. Voted for you and good luck with PFB :)

    I would like to invite you to participate in my giveaway

    Here is my entry for PFB

  10. Rick: Haha!! I know right?

    Thank you to everyone who voted for me! You all can def. count on a vote from me in this competition!!

  11. Hey AJ, Just voted for you. good luck and I hope you make the finals.

  12. you made it to the next round. Congrats! Looking forward to your future entries:-)

  13. Cyndy: Thanks!

    Amelia: Thank you!!

    WizzyTheStick: Thanks a bunch!! I'm still figuring out what I'm going to make. Haven't thought about it. ha

  14. AJ congrats on making it through the first round!


  15. good luck! This is my first time in your blog. I must say the blog is very impressive , has a funky approach and the recipes are amazing!!!! very very well done. keep it up ! And most of all. . I am so impressed because you're a guy, a guy who can cook. Much better than me =)xoxo


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